“You forgot to put my leash on, and now you’re leaving? I just don’t understand.”

From: Movies.

“You’re the love of my life.”

From: Crazy.

“You’re so relaxed. You never even seem to care about your hair.”

From: You never worry.

“I’m a big boy, you keep telling me.”

From: Cookie Jar.

“You’ve got no words to tell me how you feel.

But still, I understand you better than most people that I know.”

From: No words.

“I only feel like sleeping. Most of the time.”

From: I only feel like sleeping.

“No words needed.”

From: No words needed.

“It’s such fun to be out with me.”

From: Let’s go to the park.

“Don’t mention the ball. It causes way too much excitement.”

From: Don’t mention the ball.

“I know that you’re busy, important, your diary filled to the brim…”- From: Maybe

“I’ve got a proposition for you. Why don’t you go and get that ball yourself?”

From: I only feel like sleeping.

“You never worry, ‘bout what they think.”

From: No worries.

“You came, and knew somehow exactly what to do.”

From: You came.

“You seem to think that I enjoy digging all kinds of holes.”

From: I only feel like sleeping.

“I recognize the kindness of your mind.”

From: Beautiful.

“Just let me sleep.”

From: Just let me sleep.





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